Cape May Carriage Company
Call us at 609-884-4466 to see if we are running right now! (Sorry, no phone reservations for tours.)

About our horses

The horses at the Cape May Carriage Company are a draft breed, which means they're gentle and calm by nature—the perfect carriage horse! In fact, their demeanor is so calm, they're often mistaken for being tired.


This is Oreo!
Here are some facts about our horses:
  • Our draft horses weigh between 1,500 - 2,500 pounds
  • When they're not working, they live in a barn in West Cape May
  • They began life as plough horses and now live at the seaside
  • They eat 20-30 pounds of grain and 100-200 pounds of hay a day
  • They get new shoes every six weeks
  • Horses only lie down about 30 minutes a day. They sleep standing up!
  • They are able to pull three times their own body weight
  • A horse will walk an average of 30-50 miles every day in search of food and shelter. Our horses get their exercise downtown!
  • On hot days, they like to swim in the ocean
  • Their favorite things are carrots, apples, massages, and fly spray (they love it!)